CBD in depression

by in About CBD 1 February 2019

The neurotransmitters are information carriers in our brain. Both deficiency and excess of these leads to disorders. Too small amount of neurotransmitters can lead to depression, decrease of general well-being and incorrect reception of the environment. Imagine that your brain is not able to release substances responsible for feeling happiness or pleasure. That’s why depression has become one of the most difficult to cure diseases and unfortunately one most common. This leads additionally to anxiety and, consequently, bad sleep.

There is evidence that deficiency of endocannabinoids affects the low level of neurotransmitters, so their deficiency can lead indirectly to depression. It is therefore easy to deduce that cannabinoid supplementation, including CBD, will prevent these deficiencies and the emergence of depression. The mechanism of this action was linked to the serotonin system and stimulation of 5-HT receptors (1A). The research results confirm that the action is fast and effective, and what is important – also long-lasting. Thanks to these properties, CBD neutralizes anxiety and nervous tensions caused by deficiencies of endocannabinoids.

CBD for a good sleep

Getting rid of these ailments, supplementation with CBD oils has a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep, which makes you calmer and the sleep phase more stable. In addition, appropriate, supplemental CBD doses heal the rest of our body and bring a greater amount of energy during the day, eliminating drowsiness.

The REM sleep phase should be characterized by low motor excitability. In various neuronal disorders and brain dysfunctions (eg in Parkinson’s disease) this trait is disturbed and during the REM phase there are strong motor arousal which drastically affects the quality of sleep in people affected by such dysfunctions. However, it has been shown that CBD supplementation by regulating the production of neurotransmitters and stabilizing sleep phases may positively impact motor agitation in the REM phase.




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