Why is it good to use CBD oils?

by in About CBD 19 January 2019

We, as INCANNATION – a project aiming at spreading natural treatment methods- had faced a dilemma. Namely, which of nature’s gifts were we going to use to improve people’s health? We have picked the oils containing cannabidiol (CBD). After a thorough research we have come to a conclusion that this is the product that reaches our expectations: it is healthy, multipurpose, safe and easy to use, and most importantly absolutely natural. In this article we wish to familiarise you with some of the vital effects the CBD oils have on your body. In the following articles we will go deeper into details of each of the underlisted.


Soporific and anti-depression – CBD oils have soothing and calming properties which can greatly ease falling asleep and guarantees you a good sleep. Endocannabinoids, compounds naturally occurring in our body, belong to cannabinoids, a group of compounds that the CBD is a part of. It has been shown that deficiency of them might cause depression and sleep disorders. Cannabidiol supplementation eliminates deficiencies thus assures better mood and improves the quality of sleep.


Antipsychotic – CBD can help fight psychosis, anxiety and even schizophrenia. In small doses, the oils can quiten down and calm down the patient. In their studies, the researchers at King’s College London have proven that CBD causes a decrease in brain hyperactivity that leads to psychosis. The study, in which 33 subjects took part, was conducted in September 2018 and a report from this study was published in JAMA Psychiatry.


Antiemetnic – cannabidiol reduces nausea and vomiting, stimulates thirst and appetite and balances metabolism of the body. These uses of cannabinoids have found its application in supporting the treatment of anorexia, AIDS as well as nausea and lack of appetite during  cancer treatments.


Anti-inflammatory – CBD has been shown to relieve joint pain in RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). By affecting the endocannabinoid system, it influences the immune system by preventing inflammation. It is a perfect replacement for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the fight against this disease and the very negligible side effects of its use are undoubtedly its great asset


Neuroprotective – intensive research on the impact of CBD on human nerve cells is ongoing. Up to now, it has been shown that by its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, CBD has a protective effect on the brain and neurons in neurodegenerative diseases. This gives hope for the development of new therapies in the fight against such diseases as Parkinson, Alzheimer or multiple sclerosis.


Dermatological – CBD supplementation improves the condition of the skin and nails. The Journal of Clinical Investigation published an article describing CBD’s positive impact on the acne symptoms treatment. In the study, cannabidiol was used directly on the face of the subjects; its anti-inflammatory properties have influenced the condition of the skin effectively eliminating acne.


Anti Cancerogenic – the scientific world is very cautious about any substance that could turn out to be a cure for cancer in order to not give any false hope to those who are fighting the disease. It should be remembered that every cancer is a separate disease entity. However, it is impossible to ignore the growing amount of not only speculations but also facts about the influence that cannabinoids have on cancer cells. Firstly, the effect of THC on brain tumor cells was noticed. Then, the CBD was taken under the microscope and the results so far are amazing. Dr. Sean McAllister of the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, for example, found that CBD is a potent inhibitor of breast cancer cell proliferation as well as metastasis and tumor growth; moreover, CBD has been shown to affect prostate and colon cancer. It was also pointed out that cannabidiol supports chemotherapy a lot and allows for rapid regeneration of the body after a severe anticancer treatment with cytostatics.


Antidiabetic – there are indications of antidiabetic effect that CBD might have. Admittedly, the studies are currently in the initial phase, but significant improvements in blood sugar levels and the preservation of diabetes have been observed in animals subjected to research. This is a pretty promising message and we are waiting impatiently for further research results.


Antiepileptic – this the best-studied effect of cannabidiol so far. I is related to the story of a girl named Charlotte Figi, for whom a cannabis variety containing a high concentration of CBD has been specially grown. Similarly to the case of psychosis, neuronal hyperactivity causing seizures is inhibited. Today, Charlotte is in good health and enjoys her calm, seizure-free childhood. That huge CBD victory over her illness has brought a greater attention of the scientific world to the cannabinoids.


Antitabaco – a research conducted by scientists from the University of London showed that in the group of smokers using CBD inhalation, the decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked in a period of time has decreased by as much as 40% compared to the placebo-given group. It’s an unbelievably good result; however, it should be remembered that when trying to quit addiction you must first and foremost want to do so.


This is just a glimpse of good impact CBD has on your body. We would like to encourage you to follow us on our page and the articles devoted to cannabinoids but also to give supplementing INCANNATION CBD oils a go.


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